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Quality as a conscious choice

We count it as one of our core pillars. Quality is a day-to-day way of work and life for us. We build structures assuming we are building homes for our own family. We have an uncompromising adherence procedure of parameters, construction material, execution strategy and resource utilization.

Best of both worlds

While we have the latest technology infrastructure for construction, we are also smart blenders of traditional yet smart practices that save time. We combine the old construction experiences with modern practices to ensure that we give you the best of both worlds.

On-time delivery

In the world of products reaching the doorsteps of consumers, we understand the value of time. Our clients hire us in the first place because we can deliver projects at a time nobody can within the relevant circumstances. Our experience has taught us how to be on time.

Construction and labour practices

Apart from knowing, adhering and practicing construction principles, we also apply labour laws and practices very strictly. That’s because we believe we cannot touch the lives of people without positively affecting those who are involved in building for those people.

Cost Competence

Our excellent managerial skills ensure that our clients are able to execute projects within budgets. From our planning stage itself, we make strict methods of adhering to roadmaps and resource utilization in a way that cost escalations are eliminated.

Our Team

Picture of Mr. Vipan Sahni

Mr. Vipan Sahni

Experience 35 yrs

Age 62

Picture of Ushir Sahni
Non- executive director

Ushir Sahni

Experience 14 yrs

Age 36

Picture of Manuj Sahni
Managing director

Manuj Sahni

Experience 14 yrs

Age 33

Picture of Rajinder Sahni

Rajinder Sahni

Experience 7 yrs

Age 30

Picture of Sehajveer Singh Brar

Sehajveer Singh Brar

Experience 10 yrs

Age 31



Swimming Pool Construction and Filtration System

Our Clients

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